About us


Passion. Vasiliki’s passion behind the grill started at a young age. She would sit on a bar stool in the corner of the kitchen and watch the pit-master with intent as he pulled brisket out of the smoker. At home, she would play pit-master and run her own show. Her interest turned to action at 12 years old when she asked if my dad could teach her his craft. Her training required long-hours, unforgiving discipline, and a steady hand during the chaos of a busy night. Most kids her age would have caved under the pressure, but her passion kept her composed. After years of shadowing the pit-master, her passion and skill around barbecue now rivals my dad’s. She handles school in the morning and the smoker in the evening and hopes to soon attend the Culinary Institute of America.



Christiana studied food science at Cornell University, a clear reflection of her love of food and commitment to safety. Unlike Vasiliki, Christiana worked the front of the house. Her warm and welcoming personality lit up the restaurant and welcomed our customers. Through working, she developed deep relationships with our customers and always felt responsible for not only our customers’ satisfaction, but also their safety. This interest pushed her to graduate from Cornell’s premier food science program. There, she learned about the science that keeps consumers safe. Her experience in the restaurant and her background in food science gives our team a unique edge in product safety: no short-cuts in quality or safety.  


Commitment. Growing up in an immigrant and entrepreneurial family, I felt a great sense of pride and opportunity as an American. My gratitude drove me to a career of service, which began in 2016 at the United States Naval Academy. The restaurant lifestyle taught me the importance of discipline and grit, and the Naval Academy taught me the importance of professionalism and leadership. I let my experiences in the restaurant and in the Naval Academy help me support my family and execute my duties as a Naval Officer.

Food tastes better with family.